Our orthodontists have over 75 years of combined experience. Your experience first begins with how we treat you as a new patient from the moment you arrive. Every practice has similar technology, but every office has different staff. Our doctors and staff care about our patients deeply. Our office is specifically designed to make you feel at home. From the pictures and colors of the wall and to the floors, our goal is to create a warm and inviting feeling. We have high expectations of ourselves and pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of technology to better serve our patients and achieve the results expected by all. Furthermore, our every hope is that patients leave our office after each appointment certain that they received the best care by our doctors and staff possible.

We view your oral conditions not as a math problem to solve, but the core of your self-image. We strengthen and inspire the person behind the smile in school, community, and daily activities. We are in a unique position to influence and encourage all ages, and our every hope is that we will!