The Proper Care and Cleaning of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are one of the many types of braces you can receive from Dr. Scott Werner, Dr. Stanley Werner, and our team, and they are a very cosmetic option for orthodontic treatment due to the tooth-colored material that is made to match your natural tooth enamel. We have provided a review of the basics… Read more »

Reviewing the Process and Adjustment for Braces

Unlike the olden days when braces were negatively associated with children, more and more people are receiving orthodontic treatment. There is no cause to fear braces, but if you aren’t sure what to expect, we can help. We offer a reive of the process of placing braces and how you can adjust to your new… Read more »

Achieve Your Dream Smile Conveniently With Invisalign®️

When you are ready to receive orthodontic treatment, we can offer discreet and comfortable options outside of traditional braces to meet your preferences. One example is Invisalign®, which uses clear aligners to transform your smile over time. Below we offer six reasons to choose Invisalign for a modern orthodontic experience. 1. Invisalign aligners are made… Read more »

An Athlete With Braces May Need a Custom Mouth Guard

The brackets, wires and other components of your traditional braces represent a significant investment in realigning your teeth. The process requires routine adjustments to gradually alter the periodontal connective tissues anchoring your teeth into your gums. Any change to the tension on your braces, cavities or dental trauma could significantly increase the amount of time… Read more »

You Will Need to Use a Retainer After Your Braces Have Been Removed

Your braces were able to realign your teeth through a series of consistently timed adjustments. Each of these sessions applied force to the periodontal connective tissues that anchor your teeth in your gums. Once your ideal alignment has been achieved ’s orthodontists can uninstall the components. However, some latent tension will still remain in the… Read more »

A Case of Diastema Might Be Minimized by Traditional Braces

Your child’s oral structure can change dramatically throughout adolescence. This can sometimes cause two or more permanent teeth to emerge from the gums with significant space between them. Also known as a diastema, this condition is more common with the front teeth. Over time the spacing might increase or decrease depending on genetics as well… Read more »

The Things Braces Can Do for Your Smile

Braces are handy appliances that use customized pressure settings to shift your teeth into their proper positions. Braces are made of metal brackets and wires, and there are different variations available to make your orthodontic experience more convenient. To help you know more about braces in , , our orthodontist, Dr. , is happy to… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Help Your Smile

Some people think of braces and other orthodontic care as something that can only happen as a pre-teen or a teenager. The reality is, however, that you can get a better-aligned, healthier, better-looking smile at any age! If you are concerned about avoiding “brace-face” while straightening your smile, we have a solution for you: Invisalign®…. Read more »

Things You Should Know About Malocclusion & Orthodontics

Very few people are born with perfectly aligned teeth. Because of this, many people can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Although we recommend that patients come in for their initial exam as early as age seven, people of any age can benefit from orthodontics. When you or your child come in for your orthodontic exam in… Read more »

Is Your Bite Suffering from Malocclusion? Orthodontic Treatment May Help!

Having orthodontic treatment done isn’t just about having straighter teeth. It’s about having a healthy smile. When you have a misaligned bite, whether from overcrowding or lost teeth leaving gaps; when your bite is aligned correctly you can benefit in many ways. An aligned bite lowers your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, jaw problems,… Read more »