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Ceramic braces are one of the many types of braces you can receive from Dr. Scott Werner, Dr. Stanley Werner, and our team, and they are a very cosmetic option for orthodontic treatment due to the tooth-colored material that is made to match your natural tooth enamel.

We have provided a review of the basics of cleaning and caring for your ceramic braces so that they remain functional and discreet. Though your orthodontic appliance is made to be durable, certain complications such as tooth decay and cause it to become broken and extend the amount of time it takes to achieve your desired tooth alignment.

It’s important to brush your braces twice a day like you would your natural teeth, and floss between each tooth as well as along the gum line. Flossing at night is a great option because it’s done after you have eaten your last meal of the day. Tools such as an interdental brush and floss threader can help you enjoy a simple and effective cleaning process.

Beware of foods and oral habits that are dangerous to your ceramic braces. We encourage you to avoid sticky and hard foods, chewing gum and hard candies because these can stick to your appliance and even loosen or break the wires and bands. Similarly, you should not chew on hard objects like ice and pens.

Dark foods and drinks can also be risky because they darken the exposed tooth enamel over time and causing your teeth to differ in color from your braces. We invite you to drink any dark beverages through a straw and always clean your smile afterward.

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