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Unlike the olden days when braces were negatively associated with children, more and more people are receiving orthodontic treatment. There is no cause to fear braces, but if you aren’t sure what to expect, we can help. We offer a reive of the process of placing braces and how you can adjust to your new orthodontic appliance:

– Treatment time: While treatment time depends on the type of braces you receive, the average length of time is an hour or two.

– Treatment process: Once your teeth have been cleaned and dried by our team, our doctor uses bonding glue to secure the brackets to the teeth, and then he places the arch wire through the brackets and secures them with elastic bands.

– Comfort: Placing braces is not painful, though you may feel some soreness each time the braces are tightened. However, a day or two should be enough for discomfort to disappear.

– Diet: You may want to avoid chewing for a couple of days after receiving braces, and we recommend soft foods like soup, yogurt and ice cream, especially foods that have a cold texture that can soothe soreness.

– Remedies: If you are concerned about wires and brackets irritating your mouth, you are welcome to speak with Dr. Scott Werner about using an orthodontic wax to cover your appliance. You can also rinse with saltwater to treat any sores that appear.

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