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The brackets, wires and other components of your traditional braces represent a significant investment in realigning your teeth. The process requires routine adjustments to gradually alter the periodontal connective tissues anchoring your teeth into your gums.

Any change to the tension on your braces, cavities or dental trauma could significantly increase the amount of time needed to accurately correct the orientation of your teeth. At the same time, an accidental blow to the mouth during sports can cause significant damage to teeth, braces and soft oral tissues.

All contact sports athletes need to use a protective mouth guard at the necessary times. However, many of the stock units sold at the retail level fail to account for the presence of traditional braces. Some designs can even impede breathing.

To better answer this important concern our orthodontist might recommend fitting you for a custom mouth guard. It is a removable oral appliance is made from soft, yet durable plastic that will be custom shaped to contours of your teeth as well as the braces components.

When you’re not using the custom mouth guard it should be stored in the case provided. Any time you remove it you should rinse away any plaque before brushing it lightly with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a little nonabrasive toothpaste.

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