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Your child’s oral structure can change dramatically throughout adolescence. This can sometimes cause two or more permanent teeth to emerge from the gums with significant space between them.

Also known as a diastema, this condition is more common with the front teeth. Over time the spacing might increase or decrease depending on genetics as well as other developmental factors. Left unaddressed the structural gap can also affect the alignment of the teeth.

If you have noticed a problem like this developing with your child’s teeth, you should schedule a consultation appointment with an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Scott Werner and Dr. Stanley Werner at Memphis Orthodontic Specialists, P.C..

In some of these cases, they might be able to ensure the teeth hold their natural position or possibly minimize the gap by installing traditional braces. As their oral structure continues to develop your child’s braces can be adjusted and tightened. This will gradually stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor their teeth to their gums.

Over time our orthodontists will continue to monitor their progress. If necessary they might recommend additional treatment options to continue to address the gap as well as prevent alignment complications with their other teeth.

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