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Do you or your child have a missing tooth? If so, this could possibly lead to shifts in the alignment of your teeth, eventually causing dental problems, even affecting your speaking and eating abilities. Here at Memphis Orthodontic Specialists, P.C., we want you to have the best care possible as well as the best preventative care so you will have a great smile for years to come.

Sometimes a tooth needs to be extracted as the only viable treatment option for a severe dental trauma or untreated tooth decay that has caused a large dental abscess. After the extraction, Dr. Scott Werner will likely provide you with a prescription for pain medication to help you remain comfortable while your gums heal. If there are any infection concerns, he might also include a course of antibiotics.

If the missing tooth isn’t restored in a reasonable amount of time, the remaining void might cause the neighboring teeth to gradually change their correct position. As their alignment continues to change the change several teeth will be at increased risk of suffering from dental attrition and dental fractures.

If you live in the Memphis, Tennessee, area and you have a missing tooth that could affect your braces, you should call 901-767-5415 to set up a consultation at Memphis Orthodontic Specialists, P.C. today!