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Through the course of multiple adjustment sessions, Memphis Orthodontic Specialists, P.C.’s orthodontists have used your braces to realign your teeth. Now that you have a better functioning mouth and a winning smile, the braces can be removed. However, there will still be a small amount of residual tension in the periodontal ligaments anchoring your teeth in their sockets.

Without a retention phase, your teeth could gradually drift out of alignment in a process known as relapse. To combat this your orthodontists will fit you for a custom retainer. You will need to wear your retainer during the prescribed times until the tension in the periodontal ligaments abates.

The orthodontist might change the duration and times of day you need to wear the retainer depending on the how the ligaments respond. In general, most people need to use a retainer for as long as they needed to wear braces.

For the first few days after you start wearing a retainer, your mouth might salivate more. This is natural and to be expected. After a while your mouth will adapt and your saliva production will return to normal.

If your braces are about to be removed, and you have questions about retainers, you can call Memphis Orthodontic Specialists, P.C.’s office in Memphis, Tennessee at 901-767-5415 for a consultation.